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    5 Great Running Apps You Should Check Out

    Perhaps you enjoy running or maybe you like working out, but sometimes you seem to be missing a little bit of motivation, would like to record your run time, or you simply want to be distracted with something while on the run. Fortunately, in this day and age it is even easier to get a sweat going with the help of technology and fun apps that make time go by quickly.

    Following are 5 apps that you may want to put on your phone today:

    1. Strava Running- Strava will keep track of your speed, your distance, your run time, and route. It can also be used to have fun with friends by challenging them to match your time, while you both can keep track of your runs and have a fun time while getting your exercise in and burn calories.
    2. Runkeeper- Runkeeper will do exactly what its name implies. It keeps track of your runs and saves stats, especially those ones that you would be proud for your friends to know about. We all have those moments, right? You can also save your stats on a website so that you can check them out at any moment.
    3. Endomondo- Are you into mapping our routes for your run? You may like Endomondo. It has the right amount of social (where you can even challenge friends who use it to beat your time, etc.) and the right amount of tracking to make it a great app for your running.
    4. Zombies Run-This app has to be one of the most entertaining ones around and without a doubt, you will even forget that you are running for exercise-just maybe, for your life. While it can track your runs, it is more about the fun and the actual training that you will get out of using it regularly.
    5. Nike+-This app is just as good as their tennis shoes-it is a full and complete tracker that provides users with not only the ability to track their run, but also to play their music running lists, share with other users, and keep a history of their runs.