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  • Will Nintendo Switch get Gamers Moving Again?

    Will Nintendo Switch get Gamers Moving Again?

    With a new Nintendo console comes a variety of new questions. While many are wondering about the graphical fidelity of the screen or the battery life of the console, there are also questions about how it’s going to deliver on the promise of the Wii. The Wii was, at least for a time, heralded as the first console that really got people off the couch and moving. As the world transitions to VR and Augmented Reality apps, it’s definitely time to see if Nintendo can get gamers moving again. Depending on the choices made by Nintendo, it’s possible for the company to recapture the Wii’s moving magic.

    First and foremost, it’s good to look at what the company’s provided to get gamers moving again. The console itself is made to be detached from a stationary dock and moved around, allowing players the mobility of a handheld platform. This, at the very least, will enable players to keep their Switch consoles with them on the go. It’s not hard to imagine the console as something that can accompany a player to the gym, allowing him or her to focus on a game while on the treadmill. Even if the console isn’t powered on, it does mean that one doesn’t have to be at home on the couch to use it.

    The unit’s controllers also have the same core motion control implemented in the Wii Controller, albeit in an upgraded fashion. This means that, at least to some degree, Nintendo is sticking with a motion control scheme. This could mean that a new version of Wii Sports or Wii Fit is on the way, possible with a Switch-styled makeover. As long as motion controls are in play on one of the consoles, the possibility of fitness games seems very real. The bigger question, really, is whether Nintendo can make something as fun as the original Fit games.

    Beyond what’s been shown, it’s also fun to speculate about what’s possible. Could the mobile Switch be used for Augmented Reality games like Pokemon Go? It’s certainly possible, especially considering that Nintendo consoles have traditionally been the home of Pokemon. The unit could even implement a pedometer feature that can be used in the game, promoting fitness even while the players enjoy fictional worlds. There’s so little known about the console now, but that just means the possibilities are endless.

    Will Nintendo be able to catch lightning in a bottle again? It’s definitely a possibility. As long as motion controls are present, it does seem like the company can go back to the well again. With a little work, they might even break out of their rut and become the kings of motion gaming again.

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  • Get Ready for your New Super Mario Run Addiction

    Get Ready for your New Super Mario Run Addiction

    With the immense popularity of Pokemon Go, if another attempt was made to develop a similar app/game, it would have to be epic. How about integrating the most well-known video game character of all time. That’s right. Mario and his franchise are entering the ring, and Super Mario Run is sure to be an instant classic. The buzz that has already been generated about the game indicates that it will surpass the popularity of Pokemon Go with ease.

    The Super Mario franchise, especially it’s characters, is the most beloved games of all time in video gaming. In one way, shape or form, people have played a game featuring Mario and his band of characters during their lifetimes through the different gaming systems that Nintendo has released over the last few decades. It’s only natural that Nintendo will evolve the brand with a release for iOS. Technology has changed since the first NES gaming system was released. Now, Nintendo is poised to perhaps release the biggest iPhone game of all time.

    Everyone has heard the stories on the news, good and bad, about Pokemon Go. The game exploded in popularity because it wasn’t just a game you sat and played. You had to get up and move. You had to go out and find the the different characters and objects of the game that would move you forward. While Pokemon is a wildly popular franchise, it has no where near the followers that Mario does. Super Mario Run is going to turn into a full blown addiction for many players. When you have an idea as wildly popular as Pokemon Go, and then you insert the most beloved character of all time into a very similar game that has all the elements plus more of Pokemon Go, there may need to be some rehab centers opened for the addictions that are about to happen. Of course, that may be a little overstated, but the game is set up to be one of, if not the best of all time.

    So all you Mario-heads out there that are prepping for this game, the advice of this writer would be to get plenty of rest and up your nutrition game so you are fully prepared to take on the challenge. There have been stories of people playing Pokemon go for eight to twelve to even sixteen hours straight. You have to make sure you are properly hydrated and take time to eat. People also need different amounts of sleep to function properly. Go ahead and get into your hibernation zone so you are fully rested if you plan on pulling an all day and all nighter. The last thing you want to do is start hallucinating and see Pokemons running around when it’s actually Mario you are looking for.

    It will not be a surprise that when the game becomes available on December 15, 2016, that iTunes will suffer a severe slowdown. I don’t think it will crash the system because Apple is preparing to add more resources to meet the demands. However, it could potentially slow things down to a crawl while millions, MILLIONS, download this game all at once. So, in closing, be patient when downloading. There are going to be a million other people with the same idea. Get plenty of rest and stock up on multivitamins. Treat it like you were about to go trekking through the mountains. And the biggest things to do is have fun. That’s what this game is going to be all about. The biggest gaming star of all time is about to reclaim his rightful place on an iPhone screen near you.

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  • Unbeatable Games to Inspire Fitness For Kids

    Unbeatable Games to Inspire Fitness For Kids

    In this digital age, it can seem impossible to encourage children to get outside. Rather than creating a dichotomy of health vs. electronics, why not focus on the ways our technology can enhance and encourage fitness? From dancing to education, this lists shows off fun and exciting ways to improve your kids’ fitness through games.


    Just like other apps in the same genre, Leafsnap promises to bring kids outside with technology. This is a cool app that allows the user to take a picture of a leaf and identify it with an interactive encyclopedia and visual recognition software. Your children will love to get outside and explore everything your backyard has to offer. A great combination of fitness, education and technology, Leafsnap is sure to inspire healthy living.

    Pokemon Go

    As one of the most popular games of the year, Pokemon Go has encouraged countless people young and old to get outside and walk around. This is a game that combines real-world landmarks and GPS with in-game activities like catching Pokemon and gathering equipment. This game heavily encourages walking and biking in order to reach landmarks and hatch Pokemon. Overall, this is a great game for all ages who want an excuse to get outside and explore the world.

    Dance Dance Revolution

    This fun and exciting dance game has been around on all kinds of video game consoles and inspired various knock-offs for nearly two decades. With easy-to-use dance mats, your musically-inclined kids will love to get aerobic exercise while having fun. From funky foreign tunes to popular hits, this game makes it easy to get addicted to exercise. Even parents will like joining in to step to the beat and earn the highest score.

    Meet The Insects

    There are loads of great apps for kids when it comes to naturalism, education and playing outside. Meet the Insects is just one of these many apps and it promises an abundance of accessible knowledge about insects. Available for the iPad, this app contains a stunning, interactive encyclopedia that will have any young scientist prepared for grad school before they enter the fifth grade. Appealing and fun, Meet The Insects is a great choice to get your kids playing outside.