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  • Get Ready for your New Super Mario Run Addiction

    Get Ready for your New Super Mario Run Addiction

    With the immense popularity of Pokemon Go, if another attempt was made to develop a similar app/game, it would have to be epic. How about integrating the most well-known video game character of all time. That’s right. Mario and his franchise are entering the ring, and Super Mario Run is sure to be an instant classic. The buzz that has already been generated about the game indicates that it will surpass the popularity of Pokemon Go with ease.

    The Super Mario franchise, especially it’s characters, is the most beloved games of all time in video gaming. In one way, shape or form, people have played a game featuring Mario and his band of characters during their lifetimes through the different gaming systems that Nintendo has released over the last few decades. It’s only natural that Nintendo will evolve the brand with a release for iOS. Technology has changed since the first NES gaming system was released. Now, Nintendo is poised to perhaps release the biggest iPhone game of all time.

    Everyone has heard the stories on the news, good and bad, about Pokemon Go. The game exploded in popularity because it wasn’t just a game you sat and played. You had to get up and move. You had to go out and find the the different characters and objects of the game that would move you forward. While Pokemon is a wildly popular franchise, it has no where near the followers that Mario does. Super Mario Run is going to turn into a full blown addiction for many players. When you have an idea as wildly popular as Pokemon Go, and then you insert the most beloved character of all time into a very similar game that has all the elements plus more of Pokemon Go, there may need to be some rehab centers opened for the addictions that are about to happen. Of course, that may be a little overstated, but the game is set up to be one of, if not the best of all time.

    So all you Mario-heads out there that are prepping for this game, the advice of this writer would be to get plenty of rest and up your nutrition game so you are fully prepared to take on the challenge. There have been stories of people playing Pokemon go for eight to twelve to even sixteen hours straight. You have to make sure you are properly hydrated and take time to eat. People also need different amounts of sleep to function properly. Go ahead and get into your hibernation zone so you are fully rested if you plan on pulling an all day and all nighter. The last thing you want to do is start hallucinating and see Pokemons running around when it’s actually Mario you are looking for.

    It will not be a surprise that when the game becomes available on December 15, 2016, that iTunes will suffer a severe slowdown. I don’t think it will crash the system because Apple is preparing to add more resources to meet the demands. However, it could potentially slow things down to a crawl while millions, MILLIONS, download this game all at once. So, in closing, be patient when downloading. There are going to be a million other people with the same idea. Get plenty of rest and stock up on multivitamins. Treat it like you were about to go trekking through the mountains. And the biggest things to do is have fun. That’s what this game is going to be all about. The biggest gaming star of all time is about to reclaim his rightful place on an iPhone screen near you.

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  • FitBit vs. Apple Watch

    FitBit vs. Apple Watch

    In the war of smartwatches, two of the most prevalent players are the Fitbit Blaze and the Apple Watch. When you really want to get the most out of your wearable device, which is really the better between these two? You can more easily decide on which is right for you by comparing the features of the Blaze and the Apple Watch, both fitness and non-fitness related.

    The prices of the two gadgets are considerably different. The Apple Watch retails for $400, while the Fitbit Blaze is considerably cheaper at only $180.

    The design of a smartwatch is often a key factor in the decision to purchase it. After all, it should match with your clothing and accessories. In terms of design, the Apple Watch has a more polished appearance and gives off the feeling of luxury. The Fitbit, on the other hand, is bulkier and has a face that oddly resembles a Stop sign.

    Activity Tracking Abilities
    Both the Fitbit Blaze and Apple Watch include a variety of tracking sensors to track all of your activities and workouts. The Blaze includes a gyro sensor, altimeter and 3-axis accelerometer, allowing it to track different types of workouts and sports, including walking, running, yoga and cycling. Along with the official app, you can also use third-party apps with the Fitbit, such as Endomondo and Weight Watchers. The Apple Watch can also connect to various third-party fitness apps and tracks your steps.

    Battery Life
    This is definitely an area in which Fitbit wins. The Fitbit Blaze can last up to five days on a single charge. However, the Apple Watch requires charging at least once per day, with its battery lasting a maximum of a day and a half on average.

    Heart Rate Tracking Abilities
    Both the Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze include heart rate monitors built in. Many people who are physically active throughout the day want to have access to their heart rate metrics, which makes both of these good options. The Blaze tracks your heart rate throughout the day and shows heart rate zones while you are working out or participating in athletics. The heart rate monitor on the Apple Watch is located on the back of the device and tends to be more accurate.

    Notifications and Connectivity
    The Fitbit Blaze can connect with your smartphone or computer to upload data and is capable of receiving calls, text notifications, emails and calendar reminders. The Apple Watch can deliver the same notifications and more. It can also deliver notifications from third-party apps.

    GPS Tracking
    The Blaze doesn’t include GPS tracking, but it has ConnectedGPS, which relies on your smartphone’s GPS. The Apple Watch is in the same boat as it also lacks GPS and requires your iPhone to be with you for connectivity.

    Overall, there isn’t much of a need to spend an extra $200-plus on the Apple Watch, unless you’re hankering that badly for its sleek design. The Fitbit Blaze is just as good a device for much cheaper and will accomplish the same things as the Apple Watch.

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  • 5 Great Running Apps You Should Check Out

    5 Great Running Apps You Should Check Out

    Perhaps you enjoy running or maybe you like working out, but sometimes you seem to be missing a little bit of motivation, would like to record your run time, or you simply want to be distracted with something while on the run. Fortunately, in this day and age it is even easier to get a sweat going with the help of technology and fun apps that make time go by quickly.

    Following are 5 apps that you may want to put on your phone today:

    1. Strava Running- Strava will keep track of your speed, your distance, your run time, and route. It can also be used to have fun with friends by challenging them to match your time, while you both can keep track of your runs and have a fun time while getting your exercise in and burn calories.
    2. Runkeeper- Runkeeper will do exactly what its name implies. It keeps track of your runs and saves stats, especially those ones that you would be proud for your friends to know about. We all have those moments, right? You can also save your stats on a website so that you can check them out at any moment.
    3. Endomondo- Are you into mapping our routes for your run? You may like Endomondo. It has the right amount of social (where you can even challenge friends who use it to beat your time, etc.) and the right amount of tracking to make it a great app for your running.
    4. Zombies Run-This app has to be one of the most entertaining ones around and without a doubt, you will even forget that you are running for exercise-just maybe, for your life. While it can track your runs, it is more about the fun and the actual training that you will get out of using it regularly.
    5. Nike+-This app is just as good as their tennis shoes-it is a full and complete tracker that provides users with not only the ability to track their run, but also to play their music running lists, share with other users, and keep a history of their runs.