Unbeatable Games to Inspire Fitness For Kids

Unbeatable Games to Inspire Fitness For Kids

In this digital age, it can seem impossible to encourage children to get outside. Rather than creating a dichotomy of health vs. electronics, why not focus on the ways our technology can enhance and encourage fitness? From dancing to education, this lists shows off fun and exciting ways to improve your kids’ fitness through games.


Just like other apps in the same genre, Leafsnap promises to bring kids outside with technology. This is a cool app that allows the user to take a picture of a leaf and identify it with an interactive encyclopedia and visual recognition software. Your children will love to get outside and explore everything your backyard has to offer. A great combination of fitness, education and technology, Leafsnap is sure to inspire healthy living.

Pokemon Go

As one of the most popular games of the year, Pokemon Go has encouraged countless people young and old to get outside and walk around. This is a game that combines real-world landmarks and GPS with in-game activities like catching Pokemon and gathering equipment. This game heavily encourages walking and biking in order to reach landmarks and hatch Pokemon. Overall, this is a great game for all ages who want an excuse to get outside and explore the world.

Dance Dance Revolution

This fun and exciting dance game has been around on all kinds of video game consoles and inspired various knock-offs for nearly two decades. With easy-to-use dance mats, your musically-inclined kids will love to get aerobic exercise while having fun. From funky foreign tunes to popular hits, this game makes it easy to get addicted to exercise. Even parents will like joining in to step to the beat and earn the highest score.

Meet The Insects

There are loads of great apps for kids when it comes to naturalism, education and playing outside. Meet the Insects is just one of these many apps and it promises an abundance of accessible knowledge about insects. Available for the iPad, this app contains a stunning, interactive encyclopedia that will have any young scientist prepared for grad school before they enter the fifth grade. Appealing and fun, Meet The Insects is a great choice to get your kids playing outside.

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