Will Nintendo Switch get Gamers Moving Again?

Will Nintendo Switch get Gamers Moving Again?

With a new Nintendo console comes a variety of new questions. While many are wondering about the graphical fidelity of the screen or the battery life of the console, there are also questions about how it’s going to deliver on the promise of the Wii. The Wii was, at least for a time, heralded as the first console that really got people off the couch and moving. As the world transitions to VR and Augmented Reality apps, it’s definitely time to see if Nintendo can get gamers moving again. Depending on the choices made by Nintendo, it’s possible for the company to recapture the Wii’s moving magic.

First and foremost, it’s good to look at what the company’s provided to get gamers moving again. The console itself is made to be detached from a stationary dock and moved around, allowing players the mobility of a handheld platform. This, at the very least, will enable players to keep their Switch consoles with them on the go. It’s not hard to imagine the console as something that can accompany a player to the gym, allowing him or her to focus on a game while on the treadmill. Even if the console isn’t powered on, it does mean that one doesn’t have to be at home on the couch to use it.

The unit’s controllers also have the same core motion control implemented in the Wii Controller, albeit in an upgraded fashion. This means that, at least to some degree, Nintendo is sticking with a motion control scheme. This could mean that a new version of Wii Sports or Wii Fit is on the way, possible with a Switch-styled makeover. As long as motion controls are in play on one of the consoles, the possibility of fitness games seems very real. The bigger question, really, is whether Nintendo can make something as fun as the original Fit games.

Beyond what’s been shown, it’s also fun to speculate about what’s possible. Could the mobile Switch be used for Augmented Reality games like Pokemon Go? It’s certainly possible, especially considering that Nintendo consoles have traditionally been the home of Pokemon. The unit could even implement a pedometer feature that can be used in the game, promoting fitness even while the players enjoy fictional worlds. There’s so little known about the console now, but that just means the possibilities are endless.

Will Nintendo be able to catch lightning in a bottle again? It’s definitely a possibility. As long as motion controls are present, it does seem like the company can go back to the well again. With a little work, they might even break out of their rut and become the kings of motion gaming again.

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